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As a photographer, I am telling people’s stories everyday. From fabulous women in business for their profiles, branding, etc… , to families and the love that is shared even in the midst of chaos. (Which those early years have a lot of.)  And time and again, hearing people’s stories, continues to invite a connectedness to humanity to my neighbor, to my client and to my friend, because our shared struggles bring hope and our shared joys nurture contentment and deeper joy. 

Working with Pamelyn is nothing short of the fabulous fun the photos portray. Her genuine and candid nature not only make working with her a dream but also opens the way for a great community environment within the mom-work space, both online and in real life settings. It is such a treat to see how she so seamlessly integrates her little girls in to the fun when we have shot them altogether, and she makes it truly fun for them. If you haven’t checked out her IG, a quick follow will give you that sweet moment of “Awe” coupled with a little laugh here and there.  Enjoy a little peek into this working mama’s behind the scenes that she so graciously welcomed!

What’s your go-to meal (take out or at home)?

Sushi for sure. Moorea requests it daily!

What was your first job?

My Aunt owned a restaurant and at 12 years old I started washing dishes and busing tables.

Where do you find creative inspiration?

Everywhere! Magazines, store windows, fabrics, Pinterest, Instagram, my kids. I still love flipping through a good magazine and ripping out the pages and taping them to my office walls so I can just stare at them and dream up something cool.

Was there a moment when Bashery was born?

Can you share a bit about that?  I had been thinking about starting something new for a while. I had a few ideas that just didn’t have legs. With a background in events and marketing, my brain automatically goes there. So many people are more conscious of the parties they throw because of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. It’s not just about looking good anymore, it’s about building your own personal brand. But, to have these parties that everyone sees on Instagram takes a lot of money or a lot of time and skill. I wanted everyone to be able to have these types of parties.  I knew there were companies that did “Parties in a box”, but all of the items are disposable and I was more into custom made pieces that really take your event to the next level. I looked at current trends and realized Millennials are leading a migration away from ownership to subscribing and sharing: Spotify invades our speakers, Netflix our TVs, Uber our curbs, Airbnb our entire homes, Rent the Runway our wardrobe. I thought why not stream those special moments in life that require a party! And that is how the rental idea was born. I wanted to help people to be smarter about where they are spending their money by allowing them to rent some really cool items. 

How do you recharge/rest?

I think that I incorporate a ton of balance into this crazy life which is probably why I don’t “rest”, but that’s just the way I like it. I don’t like to sit still, have never been a fan of naps and get more done the busier I am. I work all night and am with my kids all day, but I never miss an eyelash (even if its at midnight), nail or hair appt. and always have time for my girlfriends who are the best anti-depressant rechargers out there!

Do you have tips for new moms on balancing your relationship with your husband and your career with young children in the mix?

A whole lot of patience, a lot of love and forgive and forget easily. The shit’s not easy and if someone tells you that they are lying. Be honest and ask for help and don’t feel guilty wanting to do something for yourself. You need to do you and feel like a normal human being and then everyone is happy. Oh and GOOD LUCK!

What is your favorite part of Bashery & Co?

The potential. It’s only just the beginning. I feel such a sense of excitement for the future and that, in my mind, is what its all about. Without that, what am I doing this for?

If you had to pick three defining words to be known for in 50 years what would they be? 

Genuine, Fun and Inspiring

Working with Pamelyn of Bashery & Co is a dream! Working on professional and branding photographs with creatives or straight up business people is one of the highlights on my shooting schedule! Call the Studio to set up your consultation today!

Katee Grace at 805-637-7412 (Yes, we are based in Los Angeles) 

Xo, Katee Grace

Sometimes I can still hear my daddy’s voice, other days I feel like it was another lifetime not mine own that I had a father, maybe it is really just some story I’ve been told and believed. From the time I can remember he called me Katee Baby, though my mom probably envisioned calling me Katherine, my given name, my whole life. Daddy’s infamous ability to nickname everyone came into play, and in my little girl mind, I will always be Katee Baby.

It’s all to common for me when thinking of Daddy to wonder, would he be proud? Would he be proud of the life I’m creating, would he be proud of the woman I have become? As I recall my childhood, those years that seemed like I blinked and they were gone (especially those precious years before he passed away), I start to remember the role he played in my value system, my confidence, my determination, and the tears begin to fall, because I owe so much of who I am today to my parents love and pushing me to create a life I can respect. Isn’t that what all children want, our parents to be proud of us?

To give you an idea of who my daddy was, he would go into work around 4am so he could be finished in time to pick me up from school. I didn’t know until years later, but those rides home from school and afternoons doing chores together was pretty special to him, and would one day be treasured memories from which I would draw upon in my adult life. One spring, while we were planting daddy’s tomatoes and jalapeños for the season, he let me plant a few seeds of my own, and literally straight from seed I grew enough butternut squash to feed the neighborhood!  My squash began to take over his garden but we kept it trimmed back and I was so thrilled with the fruit of my labor! Of course a family of 3 can only eat so many butternut squash so we headed to the market! Daddy and I loaded up some WalMart plastic bags full of my squashes, our first stop was the Safeway in town. This trip he went inside with me, we asked for the produce manager, presented him with the loot and he paid me somewhere around $7, for a little girl whose allowance was $1 per week for dusting, vacuuming and changing sheets weekly this was really a gold mine! With our leftover squash we headed to another market and sold the rest. For the rest of the summer I would continue to water and check on my squash, in great anticipation for my payday, and when another batch would be ready, we would load up in his blue work truck, squash in hand! But after the first trip daddy never went in the market with me, he would wait in the truck and I would go in, ask for the produce manager and sell my squash, if they didn’t have a need for squash I would thank them for their time, run back out to the truck and we would head across the river to another set of stores until the squash were sold. I learned a valuable lesson during those summers, as a business person you spend time and energy to create a product that others will enjoy in some way, but not everyone needs your product so a gracious well wishes then knowledge to keep it moving until you find who needs your product, because someone will. We have a place somewhere, and so does our work! What’s the phrase, “a closed mouth don’t get fed.” My parents chose to live in “town”, though they started their life in a small Indian Community in Oklahoma, they made the move to the burgeoning city of Bixby a little over an hour away. I watched my parents be a team, and I felt like I was a part of that team, it was beautiful and it was work, it was worth every painful tear to have those memories to draw upon, those photos to remind me of who I am and who I come from.

I remember so clearly the day I asked Daddy where babies came from, though my mom had shared the secret that babies come from mommy’s tummy, I was scooped up my daddy’s knee and his animated response being that I came straight from heaven met my question with excitement and my little feet running back to tell Mommy that Daddy didn’t know where babies come from, little did I know what I know now.

As a 30-something woman now, running my own business in Los Angeles, I still glean from those years with daddy, he instilled in me a love for work done well and monetizing that work for the benefit of your loved ones and at the end of the day, isn’t all for our families.

As painful as it is to admit, some days I feel like I imagined him, but then I pull out photos and see that it was all real, I think that’s the pain of death when experienced at a young age. Death and grief is a whole different subject that I will write on later, because I have more experience with this than I would have asked for.

Happy Birthday, Daddy, I will go clean my car and make sure I finish all my to-do list today, because to me this honors you and all you instilled in that little girl all those years ago.

Love Always,

Katee Baby