Mother’s Day weekend is always a fun weekend, the end of school just around the corner, summer days creeping in more and more and a weekend of everyone focusing on the women who keep our feet grounded and our hearts full, Mommy.

This special Mom’s Day Weekend was filled with some mom love of the founders of West LA Moms and their beautiful little families. Check out this killer gold bench I pulled from Bashery & Co rentals.

Starting Mom’s Weekend off with a photo session, getting dolled up and cuddling and smiling with your loved ones in front of my camera sounds like perfection to me!

West LA Moms are a great group for any mamas here in the Los Angeles area on the Westside (though I hear it’s okay if you live East of the 405 lol). Sign up online for their newsletter, download their App to find great exactly the activities you and your little babes want to do on a particular day and even preferred area/time! Mom’s designing for other moms was how West LA Moms was birthday and why it’s been such a vital tool for mamas on the Westside to connect, grow and sometime sip some bubbly with other mamas to keep it real, that is Mom Life right?! These ladies are the go-to’s for the hottest in LA, don’t miss out on the fun and friendships.

Back to these Mother’s Day Weekend photoshoots! We started early in the morning and ended shooting early, in plenty of time for everyone hitting up their next Mother’s Day weekend fun stop, and thanks to a fabulous assistant, the morning light was manipulated just right to create a (late-ish) morning beach photoshoot done right.

We are looking forward to meeting you and helping your photography dreams come to life! Photos truly are the doorways to a season in life that we will always cherish, and Katee Grace Photography offers Keepsake boxes, large wall art and custom albums, and we are more than happy to show these at your consultation or ordering session.

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As your Los Angeles Photographer working with Bashery & Co is nothing short of a dream. When she contacted me about her littlest angel’s 1st Birthday my photographer’s eye and love for this family went to cloud nine! Harlow’s 1st Birthday was perfection in every way, from the killer ballon banner accented with fresh flowers, the mounted swan, gorgeous and delicious sweet treats, the wardrobe but most importantly the love and fun of this family and their loved ones.

Pamelyn of Bashery & Co didn’t miss a detail or a beat when it came to decor and taking care of her guests! DJ Maasha was in the house, or the yard more specifically, jamming out beats the kids could jam with and adults could enjoy. Harlow’s big sister was leader of the pack when it came to entertaining and jamming, pictured below with a blow up gold microphone! Yes, how cool is that! Microphones for all the kids!! 🙂 The tiaras for each little princess were set up on the cutest stools from Teek and Lace, being immediate hits among all the little princesses in attendance.

As your Los Angeles Photographer I am constantly thrilled documenting not only seasons of my family’s lives but watching your love and enjoyment of life grow. There is beauty in the chaos and it’s a true honor to document that in all of the seasons. While these early years can really feel like the days are long, we know the saying is true that the years are short. Whether it’s a birthday party or special family lifestyle portrait session, the love and beauty is there and having these photos to enjoy for years to come is something I do not take lightly.

When planning parties we all know how consuming they can be, from decor to activities to the photographs. Below you will see all the hottest and best vendors in the Los Angeles Area to make your next party as enjoyable and beautiful as you’re family deserves, if that’s your sort of thing! 🙂

Party Design: Bashery & Co
Florals: Earth Baby Flowers
Desserts: Amy Cakes & Sweet Treats
Entertainment: DJ Maasha
Fur Stools: Teek & Lace
Party Goods and Feather Garland: Bonjour Fete
Sinage: Retrogram Boards
Favors: Don LaBella
Custom wood Kid’s Table: The Iman Project
Food: The Pasta Sisters
Photography: Of course, Yours Truly

We are so humbled and excited to have this party featured on the always amazing Kara’s Party Ideas!! Head over to their blog for this and more party inspiration.


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Maternity sessions are always special but hearing the beautiful stories of hopes coming true with your little loves makes it all the more magical!

So over the moon happy for this beautiful couple and their sweet new babe! (**We respect your privacy so this couple did opt to only have maternity shown online while keeping their sweet babe just for their friends and family, and I completely respect that!!

Maternity Sessions are ideal during the 7th month typically. Mommy, your size tends to show your pregnancy so beautifully around this time, you are really in the peak of your pregnancy, glowing and feeling the glow as well!


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As a photographer, I am telling people’s stories everyday. From fabulous women in business for their profiles, branding, etc… , to families and the love that is shared even in the midst of chaos. (Which those early years have a lot of.)  And time and again, hearing people’s stories, continues to invite a connectedness to humanity to my neighbor, to my client and to my friend, because our shared struggles bring hope and our shared joys nurture contentment and deeper joy. 

Working with Pamelyn is nothing short of the fabulous fun the photos portray. Her genuine and candid nature not only make working with her a dream but also opens the way for a great community environment within the mom-work space, both online and in real life settings. It is such a treat to see how she so seamlessly integrates her little girls in to the fun when we have shot them altogether, and she makes it truly fun for them. If you haven’t checked out her IG, a quick follow will give you that sweet moment of “Awe” coupled with a little laugh here and there.  Enjoy a little peek into this working mama’s behind the scenes that she so graciously welcomed!

What’s your go-to meal (take out or at home)?

Sushi for sure. Moorea requests it daily!

What was your first job?

My Aunt owned a restaurant and at 12 years old I started washing dishes and busing tables.

Where do you find creative inspiration?

Everywhere! Magazines, store windows, fabrics, Pinterest, Instagram, my kids. I still love flipping through a good magazine and ripping out the pages and taping them to my office walls so I can just stare at them and dream up something cool.

Was there a moment when Bashery was born?

Can you share a bit about that?  I had been thinking about starting something new for a while. I had a few ideas that just didn’t have legs. With a background in events and marketing, my brain automatically goes there. So many people are more conscious of the parties they throw because of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. It’s not just about looking good anymore, it’s about building your own personal brand. But, to have these parties that everyone sees on Instagram takes a lot of money or a lot of time and skill. I wanted everyone to be able to have these types of parties.  I knew there were companies that did “Parties in a box”, but all of the items are disposable and I was more into custom made pieces that really take your event to the next level. I looked at current trends and realized Millennials are leading a migration away from ownership to subscribing and sharing: Spotify invades our speakers, Netflix our TVs, Uber our curbs, Airbnb our entire homes, Rent the Runway our wardrobe. I thought why not stream those special moments in life that require a party! And that is how the rental idea was born. I wanted to help people to be smarter about where they are spending their money by allowing them to rent some really cool items. 

How do you recharge/rest?

I think that I incorporate a ton of balance into this crazy life which is probably why I don’t “rest”, but that’s just the way I like it. I don’t like to sit still, have never been a fan of naps and get more done the busier I am. I work all night and am with my kids all day, but I never miss an eyelash (even if its at midnight), nail or hair appt. and always have time for my girlfriends who are the best anti-depressant rechargers out there!

Do you have tips for new moms on balancing your relationship with your husband and your career with young children in the mix?

A whole lot of patience, a lot of love and forgive and forget easily. The shit’s not easy and if someone tells you that they are lying. Be honest and ask for help and don’t feel guilty wanting to do something for yourself. You need to do you and feel like a normal human being and then everyone is happy. Oh and GOOD LUCK!

What is your favorite part of Bashery & Co?

The potential. It’s only just the beginning. I feel such a sense of excitement for the future and that, in my mind, is what its all about. Without that, what am I doing this for?

If you had to pick three defining words to be known for in 50 years what would they be? 

Genuine, Fun and Inspiring

Working with Pamelyn of Bashery & Co is a dream! Working on professional and branding photographs with creatives or straight up business people is one of the highlights on my shooting schedule! Call the Studio to set up your consultation today!

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Celebrating the sweetest 5 year old on the block comes with the grooviest party for Spring 2017…

When Zooey’s mommy contacted me about photographing the party, I immediately saw it! I love the 60’s and 70’s (early 70’s especially) when it comes to fashion and fashion/styling inspiration! I have several pairs of bells in my closet just for regular days but I pulled out my Lilly Pulitzer dress to hone my inner flower child chic look… and because I would’ve had to wear heels with my bells and that makes photographing children a bit more challenging. Knowing Harlow Jade was styling the guests ensured that the perfect mix of retro glam with the beach feel and killer party styling of Wild Child, the Traveling Photo Bus, The Nail Truck’s chic Airstream, would all combine with Zooey’s super groovy dress by Pleiades and her bellbottoms also by Harlow Jade in a magical, retro fusion.

You’ve seen Zooey and some of her friends grace the covers and content of some pretty hip brands and awesome vendors serving Southern California and the world with their style and grace. Hope you follow along these super cool kids and brands, I promise you will be find your days and online scrolling brighter and happier.

Kids & Fashion Crushes (Serious Must Follows!): 

Party Host: Wild Child

Zooey in the City: Birthday Girl, 1/2 Japanese, 1/2 Vietnamese, represented by Bensimon Models & Talent

Stella & Blaise: Brother & Sister duo represented by The Osbrink Agency

Bashery & Co: Mama who always brings the fun, set designer and party planner extroidinaire

Julia Vaughn: Mother, Creator, Stylist, So Cal Vintage Enthusiast

Ann Maria Hoang: Visual Tastemaker, Wardrobe Stylist (Goddess behind mstr_of_disguise)

Marie Rafferty: 5 Fashion Group

Lydia Page: MUA, Corky Dutch

Jillian of NEON RAE: Specialty curated giftings for the freshly born to the centenarian

Tiny Whales: Kid’s Tees “Always RAD Never Flake”

Elizabeth Mathis: mama to girls, wife to model, lifestyle & parenting blogger, Wilhelmina Models

Coury Combs: Making happy memories with her family… sweet moments and hip mom style

Jinny’s pizzeria
Paloma Treats
Good Town Donuts USA

The Nail Truck
Traveling Photo Bus
Seedling & Onchmovement (also see Onch Website)
Bells: Harlow Jade

Thank you for coming by to check out the fun from Zooey’s party… though portraits and lifestyle work are the focus of Katee Grace Photography, I love working with families and brands with event photography. Contact the studio to secure your party on my calendar! Katee Grace at 805-637-7412 or Katee@KateeGrace.Com

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Exploring the Aquarium of the Pacific with Breegan Jane and her two boys was nothing short of adventurous. As always, her styling and wardrobe choices were nothing short of fabulous! I mean, you can’t go wrong with Zara Kids and mommy in Zara too is a match made in heaven, or in some spectacular fashion design heaven.

Breegan’s takeover was scheduled to be for the following week so after the fun of exploring, playing hide and seek and bouncing ride games on mommy’s knees, we headed off to the local lunch spot to go through the photos, PF Changs of course.

Finishing the photo selection we really only needed 5-7 photos but of course couldn’t resist these final 20 for the final product.

What are some of your favorite summer activities to do with your kids? Have you been to the Aquarium of the Pacific yet? If so, I have to ask… Have you fed the birds?!

Wishing you a fun spring and summer filled with fun in the sun, cozy naps and lots of BBQ 🙂

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Working with families throughout the years really makes each portrait session more special, the photos and experience more rich, meaningful, fun and intimate. This family of 7 was first in front of my camera when they were a family of 5, and it’s been such a gift to watch them grow individually and together. There is a different lifestyle quality that happens when you have 5 children, siblings and at one of their favorite places, the beach! Tears happened for a second, but comforting followed, but isn’t this how it really is, tears then laughter, pretty fluid with the emotional transitions at certain ages.

On that note I would like to remind everyone that kids are kids, they handle various events in life and a photoshoot or family interaction differently so we always bring patience to the scene. Please never feel the need for perfection, we all know childhood (and babyhood) are filled with everything!! And of course the love and deep abiding joy in your family is what we are after memorializing through your family’s portrait session.

I love getting to grab individual photographs during family sessions… but most importantly my mama’s and daddy’s love having these individuals of their family, and connecting with the kids individually gives them a sense of personal involvement in the session as well.

Please contact the studio for your personalized consultation! I look forward to getting to know your family more and photographing this very special season in your lives.

Katee Grace at 805-637-7412 or Katee@KateeGrace.Com

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Being a woman in today’s society has pressures and freedom which we experience on a daily basis.  There is no better time in history than today for us women, but we are still on the journey, and the promised land still awaits our arrival, at least most days. Owning our lives and femininity despite cultural pressures, this seeming instigator of the interwebs and our own expectations of ourselves and our ever illusive “happily ever after,” can become opportunities or remain obstacles.

I’ve known Meehan for years. We met while I was living in Santa Barbara, that storybook coastal community that feels like a neighborhood, yep, that one! 🙂 Meehan is a wife, mama of two, woman with an eye for design and fashion that exceeds her own four walls and has opened the way for jewelry design while sourcing materials ethically and a really cool international reach. Meehan is a girl’s girlfriend, she will keep your secrets and tell you hers, dry your tears and have your back all while serving you a tray of delicious snacks or passing you a Vogue magazine while you both lounge in the sun.

So let’s sit down, girlfriend to girlfriend…

What do you find to be most helpful when cultivating new relationships within a community of women? 

I find it easier to go to deeper, more meaningful places with new relationships when I  choose to be transparent right off the bat about my struggles, weaknesses or life story. Vulnerability is the best policy when developing community!

Have you ever experienced insecurity in some way that is connected to your femininity? How do you combat this in an effective/positive way? 

Femininity is so complex and nuanced and your definition and perception of it changes I believe in different phases of your life. Right now, I’m in the phase of life where I’m tempted to base my femininity on my ability to look really put together and have kids that behave perfectly, all the while having a house that remains spotless. I think one of the best ways you can combat insecurity is by not comparing yourself to other women’s “best.” Don’t allow yourself to compare your every day to other people’s highlights posted on social media.  Just simply do not compare yourself to anyone else – it’s really a trap and a slippery slope that leads to insecurity and self-loathing.

Being a mommy of two young children, how do you take care of yourself/recharge? Is practicing self care something you were taught or something you had to learn the hard way? 

Learning to take care of myself has been a really uphill battle. I’m constantly reminded of how important it is but always fail to make it a priority. Luckily I have a spouse who is really good about walking the journey with me and encouraging me in it. In a season of life where I’m constantly pouring out, I think I’m tempted to focus solely on the physical things that I would like to take care of: a fresh wardrobe, a haircut, getting my nails done,  but I am learning that all of that really falls short if I am not taking time to connect with God and really focusing on my spirit and heart first.

Can you explain the role creativity has played in your life? 

Creativity plays a really essential role in helping me to feel alive. Creativity begets creativity so I find that if I’m feeling inspired to go with it because that’s often  the birthing place for more and more creativity. I’m thankful when I have time and space to dream as it often leads  to something involving other people.  I like using my creativity to involve others and  bless them in someway.

If there was a book written about your life, what would the text under your name say? 

             beauty and strength grow in unplanned in and imperfect places

Such a beautiful reminder too that beauty and strength grow… love grows… we grow… Keep growing and nurturing the things you want in your life!! 

Love, Your Los Angeles Photographer, Katee Grace 

A Los Angeles Children’s Party is not complete without styling and planning by Bashery & Co… You can take that info or leave it, but do yourself a favor and head over to BasheryandCo.Com and follow along on Instagram for daily party and mommy inspiration.

My love for family portraits and children’s photography and all those years shooting gorgeous So Cal weddings opens the way for my love and obsession with details and editorial kids shots!

As a children’s photographer, working with Bashery is always such a dream because of her attention to detail, real-life function complete with her incomparable party designs. Los Angeles Children’s Parties have so many year-round options because of our mild weather, and our love for fabulous style!



The fabulous party details: Bonjour Fete

Delicious Desserts: Susie Cakes

I hope you enjoyed a little peek! Whether it’s a styled shot looking for details and editorial shots or your Los Angeles Children’s Birthday Party please call the Studio today! 805-637-7412 (Yes, We are in Los Angeles)

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This newborn photography sessions took us to the beautiful city of Santa Barbara, where Katee Grace lived for almost 10 years before moving to Los Angeles.

Sometimes transitioning with a new baby and an older sibling is as fun as this! This big brother love seriously melted my heart! I go way back with this family, having photographed their wedding 10-ish years ago, then shooting their first child’s newborn photography session and here we are with the second addition.

I’ll share a little from mommy’s viewpoint:

“Our session was simply splendid. Katee made us all feel at ease from beginning to end, even the kids were happy and pleasant around her wanting to play even after! These pictures are treasures to me, even with the extra effort and energy needed even with these sleepless nights, it’s all worth it. Since this is the second time around, I know so acutely that we don’t get these times back. We will cherish these pictures forever. Thank you, Katee.” 

During Family Newborn Photography Sessions when we have older children, there’s definitely a bit of a different flow, one that yields to the seasons and ages of older children as well as that of the newest babe.

We started almost straight out the gate with some sibling love photos due to the excitement of big brother, you’ll see a big of a progression from forced cuddles to wiling kisses… Such is life with a baby and big brother though, right?! Big brothers love hard, as they should.

The cuddle nap time with mommy and her newest babe is one of my all-time favorites. I imagine it printed 16×20 with a wide mat and gold frame hung in a changing room or bathroom… in 20 years I see this mama looking at that photo everyday remembering those sweet, tender moments and early years in a house full of boys.






Call the studio today with any questions you may have about newborn photography sessions, family sessions or anything else! I look forward to hearing from you and photographing your beautiful family the way you’ve always dreamed.

Xo, Katee Grace

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