March 15, 2017

WCW, Meehan (A Series)

Being a woman in today’s society has pressures and freedom which we experience on a daily basis.  There is no better time in history than today for us women, but we are still on the journey, and the promised land still awaits our arrival, at least most days. Owning our lives and femininity despite cultural pressures, this seeming instigator of the interwebs and our own expectations of ourselves and our ever illusive “happily ever after,” can become opportunities or remain obstacles.

I’ve known Meehan for years. We met while I was living in Santa Barbara, that storybook coastal community that feels like a neighborhood, yep, that one! 🙂 Meehan is a wife, mama of two, woman with an eye for design and fashion that exceeds her own four walls and has opened the way for jewelry design while sourcing materials ethically and a really cool international reach. Meehan is a girl’s girlfriend, she will keep your secrets and tell you hers, dry your tears and have your back all while serving you a tray of delicious snacks or passing you a Vogue magazine while you both lounge in the sun.

So let’s sit down, girlfriend to girlfriend…

What do you find to be most helpful when cultivating new relationships within a community of women? 

I find it easier to go to deeper, more meaningful places with new relationships when I  choose to be transparent right off the bat about my struggles, weaknesses or life story. Vulnerability is the best policy when developing community!

Have you ever experienced insecurity in some way that is connected to your femininity? How do you combat this in an effective/positive way? 

Femininity is so complex and nuanced and your definition and perception of it changes I believe in different phases of your life. Right now, I’m in the phase of life where I’m tempted to base my femininity on my ability to look really put together and have kids that behave perfectly, all the while having a house that remains spotless. I think one of the best ways you can combat insecurity is by not comparing yourself to other women’s “best.” Don’t allow yourself to compare your every day to other people’s highlights posted on social media.  Just simply do not compare yourself to anyone else – it’s really a trap and a slippery slope that leads to insecurity and self-loathing.

Being a mommy of two young children, how do you take care of yourself/recharge? Is practicing self care something you were taught or something you had to learn the hard way? 

Learning to take care of myself has been a really uphill battle. I’m constantly reminded of how important it is but always fail to make it a priority. Luckily I have a spouse who is really good about walking the journey with me and encouraging me in it. In a season of life where I’m constantly pouring out, I think I’m tempted to focus solely on the physical things that I would like to take care of: a fresh wardrobe, a haircut, getting my nails done,  but I am learning that all of that really falls short if I am not taking time to connect with God and really focusing on my spirit and heart first.

Can you explain the role creativity has played in your life? 

Creativity plays a really essential role in helping me to feel alive. Creativity begets creativity so I find that if I’m feeling inspired to go with it because that’s often  the birthing place for more and more creativity. I’m thankful when I have time and space to dream as it often leads  to something involving other people.  I like using my creativity to involve others and  bless them in someway.

If there was a book written about your life, what would the text under your name say? 

             beauty and strength grow in unplanned in and imperfect places

Such a beautiful reminder too that beauty and strength grow… love grows… we grow… Keep growing and nurturing the things you want in your life!! 

Love, Your Los Angeles Photographer, Katee Grace 

  1. Precious Watkins

    March 15th, 2017 at 5:12 pm

    Wow Kateegrace!

    Great structure, layout and design!
    Easy to ready and navigate. I felt as if i was readying a short story on a woman whos life is perfectly imperfect. It felt like a documentary to be continued… left me longing for more.

    The questions you asked was realistic and hit it home. I tried to answer the questions myself which kept me involved.

    Every photo told a story beautifully written.


  2. Julia Dellar

    March 16th, 2017 at 3:19 am

    This was beautifully done and has left me eager for your next interview. The stunning photos with accompanying interview is really very well done. Thanks for bringing us such a great series!! Xo lulu

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