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March 24, 2017

Family Beach Session | Santa Barbara Family Photography

Working with families throughout the years really makes each portrait session more special, the photos and experience more rich, meaningful, fun and intimate. This family of 7 was first in front of my camera when they were a family of 5, and it’s been such a gift to watch them grow individually and together. There is a different lifestyle quality that happens when you have 5 children, siblings and at one of their favorite places, the beach! Tears happened for a second, but comforting followed, but isn’t this how it really is, tears then laughter, pretty fluid with the emotional transitions at certain ages.

On that note I would like to remind everyone that kids are kids, they handle various events in life and a photoshoot or family interaction differently so we always bring patience to the scene. Please never feel the need for perfection, we all know childhood (and babyhood) are filled with everything!! And of course the love and deep abiding joy in your family is what we are after memorializing through your family’s portrait session.

I love getting to grab individual photographs during family sessions… but most importantly my mama’s and daddy’s love having these individuals of their family, and connecting with the kids individually gives them a sense of personal involvement in the session as well.

Please contact the studio for your personalized consultation! I look forward to getting to know your family more and photographing this very special season in your lives.

Katee Grace at 805-637-7412 or Katee@KateeGrace.Com

(Your Los Angeles Photographer is available for travel, whether just north to Santa Barbara or Atlanta or even internationally, we stay passport ready;)

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