Los Angeles Children’s Parties | Valentines Day in Playa Vista

This year I teamed up with Bashery & Co and some really dope Mommy Friends that you will most likely already recognize.

Pamelyn of Bashery and Co shared with me two words and I was sold… “Kissing Booth.”  We did it kiddie style with the kissing booth and the fairytale like Sugar Bouffant Cotton Candy Cart, both set up to compliment and add to the So Cal Kids carnival like party we were creating in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Children’s Parties are my favorite! Because I live in Los Angeles and love the amazing moments between childhood friends, parents and your little ones, yummy treats and killer party decor! My photographer’s eye goes crazy with all this goodness! To me it’s magic, and when it’s your party time, please hit me up so we can create and document the beauty in the chaos. I hope our paths cross so, because I would love to add some of your sweet moments to another collection including fabulous Los Angeles Children’s Parties.

As a Los Angeles Photographer, I have the incredible opportunity to meet, work with and witness some pretty dope people, and living a lot of my life in the mommy world, I’m thrilled to work with the mamas and ladies you’ll see below.

Party Designer / Children’s Set Designer: Pamelyn of Bashery & Co

  • You will spot her in her chic and trendy “Cool Vibes” T which couldn’t be a better description. Her two angels are also in this series of photographs, the blonde haired, blue eyed cutie pies.

Jenn Brown: TV Host and Spokeswoman, Mommy Blogger

   • Mommy to those beautiful little boys, the ones with the dimples!!! Follow along her IG for super cut IG Stories that will definitely bring a smile to your face.

Man Nguyen: Mommin’ it in the kiddie world with Zooey in the City

   • You will recognize Mai’s oldest girl Zooey straight away, featured in numerous children’s fashion publications as well as Disney lifestyle features. We were treated to Mai bringing her newest bundle of love, just months old, she’s the youngest of our Valentines Party guest list.

Renée Herlocker: TV Host, Mommy blogger

   • Mommy to the brunette babes, her son turning 3 and baby girl not quite 1, this mama’s stylish and chill vibe is very inviting and again… follow her on IG, her stories are the cutest! I’m pretty sure her son is a child genius. 😉

Breegan Jane: Interior Designer, Owner of Leona in Venice, and Host at Mom Life Yo with T Lopez

   • Mommy to my favorite Kissing Booth Host and his oh so kissable brother. Mom Life Yo is real-talk with and for you mamas! Check them out on DASH RADIO every Friday!

T Lopez: Award-winning Mexican American Singer, TV Host and  Weekly host of Mom Life Yo with Breegan Jane

   • Mommy to the little girl with those gorgeous brown locks and sparkling personality as well as to her newest babe, not even a year old yet

Nicole Neves: Events, Marketing and PR Consultant

   • Mommy to the most hip kids around, you will definitely crack a smile at her IG stories and feed. She’s got multiple irons in the fire, making her a really inspiring and interesting mompreneur that you should definitely know.

Please check the bottom of this post for all the awesome vendor info! We partnered with some pretty fabulous folks!

Designer and Mompreneur extraordinaire Pamelyn and her baby girls.

Jenn Brown with son, Nash

Jenn Brown with both her boys

Jenn Brown’s son Rhett and Nash

Zooey in the City

Zooey in the City with Mommy (Mai)

Zooey in the City

Zooey in the City with her friends Kingsley and Camden, flowers were given

Renée Herlocker enjoying Sugar Bouffant with her baby boy Camden

Los Angeles Children’s Parties

T Lopez with her baby girls


Is there anything better than working with moms and kids! The light of my life. Thank you to everyone for your participation, bringing your resources to this party and making it super fabulous! We wouldn’t be here partying with this much style without the party queen herself, Pamelyn of Bashery & Co.

Pretty (AND YUMMMY!) Desserts: Susie Cakes in Marina Del Rey

Party Decor: Bonjour Fete in Studio City

Kid’s Clothing for Kissing Booth: Old Navy

Kid’s Fancy Clothing in Party Scene (the set with the Tee-Pees): Occassion Kids

Cotton Candy Cart: Sugar Bouffant

With Love, Your Los Angeles Photographer, Katee Grace

Party people are my favorite people! Are you planning a party, children’s party or other special occasion or important event? Contact Katee Grace Studios at 805-637-7412 (Yes, located in Los Angeles!)

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