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Planning and designing your little girl’s birthday party is almost sure to be surrounded around the topic of Princesses so your Los Angeles Family Lifestyle Photographer Katee Grace has designed (along with Meehan Shannon of Finn & Sparrow) and photographed some fabulous Princess Party details for your inspiration.  Planning your children’s birthday party can be as simple as a beach day with easy snacks, bubbles, sand buckets and sunscreen or as detailed as a backyard tea, each as memorable and special, worthy to be documented as heirlooms and a reminder of this precious season of life.

The Martha Stewart tissue paper chandelier’s are a fabulous and simple accent to really bring together an indoor or outdoor party, and in this vibrant, pretty pink color, they are perfect for our Chic Princess Theme.  Setting up a table appropriate for the height of your little princesses with available seating is how this design and table height was chosen.  Using a textured white cloth (machine washable) was used as a table cloth and all the details were tailored to little girl favorites.  From the heart shaped PB&J sandwiches to the Pink Lemonade in the semi-clear drink dispenser and the pink tags on the sandwiches and cupcakes with fancy handwritten “Princess.” To make the tags we simple cut and folded card-stock, wrote in swirly lettering with a silver pen.  Using generic bubbles purchased at the store, we transitioned them for the Chic Princess Theme by covering their labels with pink paper.  Even though this was for a Children’s Birthday Party, clear glass plates used and were made Chic Princess by cutting circles from pink decorative (girly & chic) cardstock and placing underneath the center of the plate.  As your Los Angeles Family Lifestyle Photographer, Katee Grace works to document not only the relationships, interactions, ages, and Princess (or Prince) moments of your little one during their birthday parties, but documenting the details that you were meticulous about when planning your child’s birthday party, children’s birthday parties are special and fun for both all parents and the little ones.  These details are remembered both by the children and by you as the parent for years to come.

Children's Birthday Party Children's Birthday Party Children's Birthday Party Children's Birthday Party Children's Birthday Party

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