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Welcome to Katee Grace Photography, I hope you enjoy the moments of some of the most beautiful people in the world... 

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When asked recently why I do photography, I began to rattle something about my photography skills coupled with my creative eye, my natural love for meaningful moments in people's lives... But then, as tears well in my eyes, and the honesty within my heart strains the words from leaving my lips, I respond. The truth is, my dad died when I was a little girl and while there are some snapshots, that's really all I have. Every season of life is so special, this is why I do what I do. The photos I take, will be lifelong memories of the most cherished moments and relationships with those we love, being true family heirlooms. 

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It was hard finding the right photographer because Quique & I both have very distinct tastes when it comes to that sort of thing. After seeing Katee's work & meeting her in person we were sold! She is such a sweet person and was very patient with us, she made us feel very comfortable on camera with on-point directions & really brought out our fun, playful side. My favorite part of the shoot was when she had Quique and I write each other love letters beforehand & exchange them in private during the shoot. It was such an emotional & special moment & I am so happy we have pictures from it. We have so many beautiful pictures to choose from and got them back in record time. Thank you so much Katee for being part of this special time in our lives. 

 I look at the photo every day and love it even more. You truly captured the essence of our family.

Katee Grace provided exactly what we wanted from our wedding photographer: timeless, elegant, beautiful photos that perfectly capture a memory we never want to forget. She created a comfortable environment that allowed us to be ourselves and enjoy every moment of our wedding day!

Katee was such a treat to work with. Her creativity and her eye for composition and lighting helped create the mood we were looking for and her positive attitude made for a relaxing environment allowing us to enjoy each other and let Katee document our special day.

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Most of all… Not only are you taking beautiful photographs but you are making memories... so have fun and be affectionate with your loved ones.

I invite you to a personal session with me. It will forever ignite your truest love. -Katee Grace

Portrait Sessions begin at $250
Prints start at $60
Typical Investment is between $850 - $2,800

Weddings starting at $3,500

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Newborn sessions should take place within 12 days of the birth of your little angel. After day 12, believe it or not, they start to loose that newborn look. They are also more easily disturbed so changing clothes, keeping them naked and posing them can be more disruptive to their peaceful demeanor. 
Well Fed: The little ones are most content and flexible with what we want to do with them (posing solo, holding & posing, changing clothes, etc..) when they are well fed. I suggest having finished a good feeding as right before I arrive for your scheduled session.   
Temperature of Room: The room where we will be photographing your little one should be a little warmer than the rest of the house. Especially when we are changing your baby’s swaddle, clothing, or naked (partial naked) photographs. Katee Grace brings a small space heater to direct towards your little one to keep their area specifically warm. 


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 An absolutely magical and hectic time of your life... and truly the photographs are one of your favorite parts! 
Your Engagement Session: Your engagement session is designed to be a memorable, sweet and fun time between you and your love. It's sort of a dress rehearsal for your wedding day so you get a chance to be in front of Katee Grace's camera, see how her directives translate beautifully into your photographs, so on your big day you feel like a pro! 

Katee Grace loves to meet with her couples in person to answer any questions, have a little get to know you to ensure that you are as comfortable and confident in your selection of photographer, that you and your love are looking for. 

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